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You Living works with artisans and crafters from various countries, bringing sustainable fashion, accessories and homeware to you:

Cheng's Atelier - Sustainable Fashion Brand from Taiwan
Natural Fibre hand dyed with using plant enzyme and eco friendly dyes in the process.

Ban Inoue, Nara, Japan

CAYA is a rough woven fabric which is used to be for mosquito net.  It has been the traditional industry of Nara prefecture for over 150 years.


Rotote Japan

Hang it on the wall, take it to town.
If there is a ROOTOTE, there becomes a gallery.

ROOTOTE is a brand producing functional yet artistic Tote Bags. The team manages to hint a low profile artistic design on the Tote Bag, transforming their art designs to well-received product designs that could arouse users' interest.



Artisanal Bamboo Craft, Taiwan