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Bamboo Straws 竹吸管

You Living 悠生活

Bamboo Straws 竹吸管


Country of Origin: Laos
Material: Whole Bamboo Stalks

Our bamboo straws are handmade from wild bamboo by the villagers in Laos.  After chopping down the entire bamboo, the villagers will then cut the bamboo into the desired length of the straw before polishing the edge and surface.  The process is completed with the sterilizing of the straws and then dried naturally.

* One single bamboo straws can replace hundreds of nasty plastic straw.
* 100% natural & biodigratable


Size: Length: 20cm; Width: 8mm - 11mm

Care instruction:
After daily use, simply rinse it with water and keep it dry.  For a more thorough clean, boil it in hot water with a bit of vinegar.

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