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Cotton Mask Gasket (Disposable)

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Cotton Mask Gasket (Disposable)


Material: Cotton, Non Woven

Country of Origin: Taiwan

50 pieces/pack

SGS Certified

Benefit of using a non woven mask gasket:

1:  Keep surgical mask clean & prolong the lifespan of mask.

* Filter dusk, pollution, haze and pollen
* Absorb droplets from nose and throat.
* Help to keep the inner part of mask clean from make up & odour
* Keeping the mask clean by changing the mask gasket every 3 ~ 6 hours.
   As such the mask can be used for 2 ~ 3 days.

2. Air filter for your fabric mask, extra protection

* Insert additional air filter into your fabric mask to enhance protection.
* Cotton Fiber, extremely comfortable, breathable and environmental friendly.
* Benefit of additional filter, please refer to link below:  


Size of mask gasket: 
W: 18cm; D: 10cm



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